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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The check valve has a specific purpose, that is, to protect plant and equipment from the consequences of reversed flow conditions.  If the flow does reverse, the pressure of the fluid will help to keep the valve closed.

Check valves are usually installed in pump discharge lines to prevent back pressure from returning fluid through the pump to a vessel or tank.  They may also be found on wellhead assemblies upstream or downstream of a choke valve.  Although check valves are useful where fluctuations of pressure occur, do not depend on them for total isolation if a pump fails.  Always shut off the nearest relevant manually operated valve.  A check is only a temporary safety device. A check valve is not an isolation valve.  Check or non return valves can be classified according to there mode of action into the following types.
Piston or Spring

A Detailed Article on Check Valves/Non Return Valves (NRV)
▪︎Ball Check Valves,
▪︎Lift Check Valves,
▪︎Swing Check Valves,
▪︎Split Check Valves,
▪︎Piston Check Valves,
▪︎Spring Check Valves
Covering their Function, Operation, Parts and Applications
Detailed article is available at blue link below
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