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Friday, September 14, 2018

Rotating Equipment Engineer

Rotating Equipment Engineer - Qatar

• Rotating equipment engineer (or strong affinity with…) -> 10 years in industry minimum. BSc thinking level (i.e. engineer, not technician)
• Very knowledge on spare parts preservation in the warehouse (should be able to write preservation spec’s for our capital spares: bearings, shafts, rotors, couplings, gears, etc. and decide/propose routine checking intervals)
• Able to develop training packs for operations and maintenance (in PowerPoint) to message why our dual mechanical seals fail and what they can do to reverse this trend. Ideally: provide the training too (not a must).
• Data processing. For a large number of instruments (1000 or so) we need to fill out a spreadsheet (fixed format) that allows our instruments team to upload the changes into the DCS, such that we receive alarms when design limits are being exceeded. Highly clerical work, but a very critical task.  


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