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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Job Oppertunities

Principal (Quantitative Interpretation)
Custodian (Basin Analysis)
Staff (Geohazards)
Head (Stratigraphy / Sedimentology)
Custodian (Petroleum System Modelling)
Staff (Petroleum System Modelling)
Principal (Structural Geology)
Staff (Structural Geology)
Custodian (Clastic Sedimentology)
Principal (Petroleum Geosciences)
Custodian (Reservoir Geology)
Staff (Reservoir Geophysics)
Principal ((quantitative Interpretation)

For all these roles, you should as a minimum hold a degree in the relevant discipline
and have at least 15 years relevant experience.

If you are interested then please email your resume to donna.norzana@nesgt.com

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