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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Gas Technician

Title: Gas Technician (Field based)

Date of Advertisement: 13 September 2018

Deadline for applicants: 26 September 2018

Gulf Keystone Petroleum is an independent oil and gas company and leading upstream operator in the Kurdistan
R.egion of Iraq. Following a series of major discoveries the Company is growing quickly. We are looking for a
number of high calibre individual to hold the position of Gas Technician.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Promotes an outstanding HSE culture
Providing gas protection and HSE-related support to line management in the implementation of the HSE
Plan, Policy, procedures and practices
Ensures that gas protection equipment is functioning 24/7
Monitors site compliance with statutory HSE responsibilities and the site HSE Plan, Policy, procedure and
industry best practices
Identifies, manages and implements HSE improvements as well gas protection equipment, standards
and procedures
Provides continuous monitoring in areas with possible hazardous atmospheres
In charge of the rigging up, maintaining and removal of mobile Gas Detection Systems
Ensures operability of Air Compressors, gas detectors and all equipment referring to gas protection.
Ensures that proper maintenance including air purification cartridge changes, oil changes and other filter
changes have been performed and documented. Performs scheduled air quality checks.
Can complete inspection, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, servicing, reassembling and testing of SCBA's,
manifolds, regulators, hoses and other safety equipment according to manufacturer's recommendations.
Ensures that all Cascade Air Banks are charged and online. Ensures that all Self Contained Breathing
Apparatus are functional and fully charged.
Can disassemble and reassemble SCBA's & SABA's and can trouble shoot air tanks.
Assist operations and maintenance departments in setting up systems for operational activities on
production facilities and wellsite's
Complete daily gas testing
Provide H25 training for new team members, contractors and visitors to site
provide daily reports and keep/update H25 training records and follow re-badging dates
Completes daily, weekly and monthly checks on equipment
Keeps records of gas equipment stock, container shelves with clean, tested and ready to use equipment
and pull, stage, and load equipment for operational tasks
Maintains work area and other areas in a clean and orderly condition.
Maintains ongoing effort to keep operational equipment clean and respiration masks sanitized
Maintains a running inventory of location and availability of safety equipment.

R.esponds to all emergencies up to the level of their training
Establishes effective communications and dialogue with the subcontractors H25 personne
Provides recommendations to the HSE OfHcer on improving gas protection systems and performance,
raising H25 awareness, personnel training
Completes Gas test requirements on Permits, and other Certificates as required
Assists and supervises practice drills related to emergency response together with the HSE Officer
Participates in safety meetings and tool box talks
Observes personnel on regular basis and monitor compliance with all safety related procedures,
standards and policies

Job Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

Technical vocational training
R.equired Licenses or Specific Training: Successfully complete H25 Academy Training to include but not
limited to H25 Training
Qualified Gas tester and preferable H25 Trainer
Worker Safety Awareness Level
Minimum l-year experience in the above at a hydrocarbon facility.
Native Kurdish with good levels of written and spoken in English and Arabic language.
Computer literate to make reports in word and excel
Professional knowledge of items in essential duties.
Elective and supportive team member.
Capable of clear communication between team members

Interested candidates should submit their CVs via cvqulfkeystone.com no later than 26 September 2018

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